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A wide range of security services

Provide security services for:-

  • Close Protection
  • Residential security
  • Event security
  • Site security
  • Location security
  • Security escort
  • High risk client movement
  • Secure package delivery/collection

Close Protection

We provide fully qualified, experienced and insured Operators with years of experience from within the Military, Special Forces, Police and Private sectors. Our operators work seamlessly and with attention to detail to ensure minimal disruption to clients.

Residential security

Many clients have property in different locations and have the need to place 24 hour security on these investments, MKE can provide 24 hour peace of mind at these locations ensuring property people and assets remain secure, giving you peace of mind knowing that there is a physical presence at your home, estate or office.

Each location has its own requirements and a full threat and risk assessment would be carried out, then a plan and list of requirements would be drawn up and finalised with the client to ensure the best results.

Each security member will be licensed and have a minimum of 5 years experience.

The operator can work in either a covert role and not stand out that there is a presence, or in a overt role showing a full presence.

Site Security

We can provide security for any site large or small, to secure buildings, building sites, land or assets that you want securing and protecting.

Location security

We can provide location security for TV and Film locations from a generator to a full movie set, our security personnel have an in-depth knowledge of what the industry is looking for. Our staff are well presented at all times and go the extra mile on every occasion.

Prices start from as little as:-

Static / site / location from £11 per hour
Residential from £11 – £15 per hour
Close protection from £20 – £50 per hour